Welcome to GT Ultralight Trikes.

We have a wide range of ultralight trikes. Everything from super light weight Northwing ATF single place to Airborne two seaters.

Northwing ATF - Long a leader in true soaring ultralights, GT Ultralights is pleased to offer the ATF ultralight from Northwing. It's your personal freedom machine! The ATF is easy to fly and uses modern hang glider wings, which are designed to fly "hands-off". With a wide speed range and average cruise speeds of 35 mph, you will be able to explore new horizons. The ATF can be configured as a true soaring ultralight, capable of engine-off climbing in thermals. The Northwing ATF offers great performance and value.

Airborne Trikes - The premier two place trikes from a world leader in ultralight aircraft technology. Great performing ultralights, built in Australia, these trikes offer solid construction, proven fight performance and a great value.

Our complete desire is to help you realize your flying dreams and goals. Contact us to day to find out more about our exciting aircraft.

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